Are you someone who wants to spread around some courage and love? Do you want to give a unique and irreplaceable gift to someone or have your story reflected in a song?
My songs have always been courage givers to me. After I reached rock-bottem, I wrote songs that helped me understand what was happening in my life and what step to take next. I am the kind of person who wants to make something very personal and real. No computerized standard structures. Real, hand-made songs.
I would love to write and compose a unique handcrafted song for you

NOTE: Song For Jena is recorded a capella (voice only) That is optional, but not a standard service.

Iris Siemons

Singer and songwriter

Iris Siemons is an independent songwriter and singer. She lives in Tilburg, the Netherlands. She writes laid-back, alternative pop songs with electronic influences.

As a toddler, Iris discovered that singing was a great way to express her feelings. By the time she was 14 years old she had her first guitar lessons and she immediately started to write her first songs with the few cords she knew.