Iris Siemons is an independent songwriter and singer. She lives in Tilburg, the Netherlands. She writes laid-back, alternative pop songs with electronic influences.

Quote of singer Pete McDonna about the song Circles: “Brilliant, it’s mesmerizing! Love it. It makes me think about Alanis Morissette a bit, but her voice still has a unique quality. It’s also emotionally really strong sounding, almost defiant. Great song”

As a toddler, Iris discovered that singing was a great way to express her feelings. By the time she was 14 years old she had her first guitar lessons and she immediately started to write her first songs with the few cords she knew. In 2004 she started to sing in her first band GREY. The band had become a serious band with potential and dozens of performances per year for a period of six years.
Iris auditioned at the Rock academy after she finished her degree in social work. She was admitted against her expectations. However, after 6 months of studying she quit.
In 2009 and 2010 her two daughters were born. A few years later Iris had a burn out followed by a rehabilitation period. In that time she gained a lot of new insights. She was diagnosed with ADHD and got divorced. After that, she decided to take back her life and embrace it as a creative, rather chaotic mother with a passion for music. During the whole process, she kept writing songs and developing herself in music.
The songs, which she considers to be courage givers appeared to be of great value for herself and others. This winter Iris recorded a few of her songs in collaboration with Martijn Groeneveld (producer) at Mailman studios in Utrecht. In April 2018 her first single will be released, followed by a series of singles collected together at her debut EP.


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